Østergro Rooftop Farm - Visual Identity

Østergro is a community rooftop farm located in Østerbro, Copenhagen. The farm is membership based and holds educational events occasionally. The farm can be preceived as a space where people and animals, civic and nature, artificial and organic coexist.

The core value of Østergro is represented in its sustainability aspects - environmental, economic, and social - for example, using rain water to irrigate, selling organic products to achieve self-efficiency, and gathering people for social events.

How to design a visual system that communicates the values of Østergro to the public as well as enhances the sense of community for its members?

Logo Design

The design of logo is meant to present the cohesion of nature and urban by using organic (half leaf) shape and geometric (half cube) shape. The angle of two shapes collide is parallel to the cross of letter Ø which is used for the Danish Organic Label.

Visual Elements

The color palette is extracted from elements existed in the farm. Dark brown is for soil. Yellow is for sunlight. Green is for plants and vegetables. Red is for produces. The minimal line and shape illustrations appeal to members in all age group.



Time Duration

Mar 2016 -  Apr 2016 

Project Type

Individual Project

Tools & Skills

Illustrator, Photoshop

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