Human Factor in Motion Capture

体育测试(The Fitness Test) is a video game using different bodies to perform the sport exercises in a compulsory fitness test system created by the Chinese education Bureau as a part of high school and college entrance exam.

The Fitness Exam

The fitness test was originally set to encourage students to build a strong physical body and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, as the test is embedded into the high school and college entrance exam, it shifts to be a cruel competition over score. And students has one more subject to be struggled with.
Also, as people are born genetically different, affecting their balance, flexibility, and cardio and vital conditions, judging various students with different bodies just by one standard is unfair and problematic.

Instead of focusing on the difficulty and suffering of the exam, The Fitness Test renders the exercies in the exam as competitive video games.

Development Process

01. Body

We started with creating the bodies that have identical features that fits into the high school scenario. Each body has its own adventages and disadventages in terms of performing different physical tests.

02. Motion

The motions are created from the typical exercises of a Chinese PE lesson – Endurance Running, Radio Calisthenics, Casting Solid Ball, and Standing Long Jump. Using motion Capture Suit, each exercise is created with 3-5 variations.

03. Development

We used Maximo to rig the bodies and imported into Unity 3D, combining with the motion data captured on the suit. We modified an existing scene on Unity asset store into different stages for the physical tests.

Time Duration

Project Type

Tools & Skill

Nov 2019
Group Project
Collaboration with Rui Cao
Preception Neuron Motion Capture, Suit, Makehuman, Mixamo, Unity 3D, After Effect, Premiere Pro, Photoshop

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