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The Succulent Tower is a botanic garden plus vertical farm that propagates succulents from germination to maturity. The design of the tower is situated in the scenario where succulent is highly desired but not domestic.

The Succulents

Succulent usually grows in dry and arid environments with big day-night temperature difference and requires a decent amount of sunlight so that it is ubiquitous in tropical and subtropical desert areas and rare in areas with cold or wet climate.

The tower recreates the ecosystem optimizing the growth of the succulents embedding a robotic system of thermo, moisture, soil, and light control which is isolated from the external environment.

The Succulent Tower

The System

01. Receive Order

When the tower received a order from a customer indoor or online or the trend anticipation algorithm system predicted the growing trend for a certain type of succulent, the central tower system would dispatch workers to restock certain succulent in the robot pot with specific soil and special care.

02. Plant Circulation

After the worker planted the succulent in the robot pot, the conveyor belt would send the robot pot to the germination level at the top of the structure where the plants could receive the most moisture (the only period when they need certain amount moisture to grow). The conveyor belt goes in zig zag route to enable plants to achieve specific light cycle. The robot monitors the growth conditions (temperature, light cycle, moisture…) of the plant that it carries and sends the information to the central system.

03. Customer Level

As the plants grow to maturity, the conveyor belt will send the robot pots down to the display level. If the plant has already claimed by customer online or indoor, the robot will commute from the conveyor belt to the pick up station, otherwise, it will stay on the conveyor belt.

Time Duration

Project Type

Tools & Skill

Feb 2020 - Mar 2020
Individual Project
Illustrator, Photoshop, Fusion 360

1/4” MDF, 1/8” MDF, 1/8” Acrylic, Wires, Laser Cuter, Spray Paint

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