Machine Vision Generated Live Sports

Public displays of contest, survival, and stamina have been relocated, from arenas to grocery stores. Combining these past and present sites of global competition, The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports (brought to you by The Sphere Detection Network) shifts our focus from plastic balls to edible spheres using circle recognition technology to generate a virtual sport.

Combining all sphere sports to make one bigger and better sport ;) TWFSDS triggers digital players to perform prescribed sphere identification behaviors: kick, catch, swing, hit, and chase over scenes of passing produce, paper products, and alcohol. Watch this season and cheer for your favorite purchase when TWFSDS launches its live stream over Prisma’s 24/7 grocery store “Belt Cam” in Helsinki. Who is playing who? Who purchased the melon? Who is winning? No one knows.

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Dutch Design Festival     10.17.20-10.25.20
Ars Electronica Art Gallery    9.9.20-9.23.20
DDDD-0000 Gallery     7.7.20-8.8.20

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Project Type

Tools & Skills

Jun 2020 - Aug 2020
Sponsored by Snap Inc, Research

Research project led by Jenny Rodenhouse, collaboration with Soojin Lee
Unity (Open CV Circle Detection), Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

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